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About The TI-99/4A Videogame House

The TI-99/4A Videogame House is a classic video game players hangout when it comes to checking out what was available for the TI system.  In the TI-99/4A Videogame House you will find screen shots, scans, sound clips, reviews, and much more for the games that were available on the TI-99/MB-1 Game System.
   The purpose of the TI-99/4A Videogame House is not just to serve as a reference and database for all that was available on the TI-99/4A, but also to go beyond what is common knowledge and provide behind-the-scene stories from the original programmers of these games. In addition, current e-mail addresses for various programmers are provided on the site in case anyone might be interested in contacting the people who made these games possible.
   We here at the Videogame House are also working hard behind the scenes to help hunt for new games to add to the site. Our team of classic video game collectors explore every path and leave no stone unturned when it comes to collecting. One of the most recent discoveries we made were the Funware cartridges Lobster Bay, Ant Colony, and Schnoz-Ola. Expect more discoveries like this in the future as the TI-99/4A Videogame House tracks down and tries to piece together the TI-99/4A video game puzzle.
   Have fun here at the Videogame House as it continues to grow and transform into the #1 resource for TI-99/4A videogame info on the Internet. If you ever feel the need to send us some comments/suggestions (or even info on prototype cartridges!), just click the e-mail address provided at the bottom of most pages on this site, including this page right here. One of us will quickly
reply to your question/comment. Enjoy your stay at the Videogame House!



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