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Mmmm! A Fish!

.MANUFACTURER:  SNK ELECTRONICS (Distributed by Texas Instruments)


. RELEASED:  1Q/1984



REVIEW:  Grade A: One of my favorite games is this lost arcade classic. Munchmobile is a simple game that should have been more popular, but for some reason was completely overlooked. You drive your little VW bug (at least it looks like one in the arcade game) around and send out your stretching arm to grab food, drink and gas. The first time you see this odd game, you will swear that Plastic Man is driving that car. This guy's arm can really stretch, I mean it goes on and on!

While it may seem odd to grab items on the side of the road, you need to pick up gas to fill your tank. The other items are luxuries and are not necessary, but do greatly increase your score. Also in a nice touch, you get bonus points if you throw your trash in a trash can, instead of littering. While you are grabbing this food, be careful of objects on the side of the road. If your arm hits a trash can or something else, it will throb in pain for a few seconds.

Besides grabbing stuff, you also need to watch out for turns in the road and other cars. This can get a bit tricky as you try to get that gas can and maneuver the car at the same time. This is quite a challenge, but one that any great gamer can handle. This is a fun little game that is only available on the TI-99/4A.

                                                                        -Tom Zjaba (Creator of Retrogaming Times / Tomorrow's Heroes)

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: This game is a port of the 1983 SNK arcade Munchmobile, which was known in Japan as Joyful Road. It appears that Centuri distributed this game in the U.S. for SNK, and changed its name from Joyful Road (as it was known in Japan) to Munchmobile.

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Secret Code Alert! A Cheat Mode can be accessed by pressing " * " on the cartridge's title screen. This mode allows you to choose if you want to start on Round 1 or 4. There's not much of an advantage to using the Cheat Mode since you still don't have infinite lives, but if you want to get to Round 4 then this little cheat can help you get there faster.


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