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Slymoids                              Slymoids Cartridge

                                                       Slymoids Icon

Slymoids, Slymoids, everywhere!

Maybe I should talk to the king of this land!

Oh no! Looks like the Slymoids have taken over the castle too!



     RELEASED:  1Q/1984




Red Speaker Slymoids Theme

Purple Speaker Slymoids On the Move!


REVIEW:  Grade A-: This is a really cool game! You are a cowboy and it is your job to fight off the Slymoids, who I am guessing are aliens.  What is cool is that they can come at you from the right, the left and from the front. They start off coming right at you, but if you do not kill them, they then will come from the sides at you.  Things can get pretty hectic and this is one fun shooter! Also, there are different locations that you go to as you defeat each screen, so you are not stuck looking at the same screen over and over again.

                                                                        -Tom Zjaba (Creator of Retrogaming Times / Tomorrow's Heroes)

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: James Von Ehr II programmed this game along with Sneggit all on his own free time. He was not part of the TI-99/4A development group and as a matter of fact did not even work in the building where the 99/4A was being produced. He instead was working on IC Layout and submitted his games to the 99/4A group through a producer (quite possibly Bob Hendren who designed Moon Mine). One question comes to mind after all these years...What was James doing working on IC Layout instead of developing games for the 99/4A? He was an excellent programmer and designer that would have brought some really neat game ideas to the table, especially if he started working in the 99/4A group since the machine's launch.

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Here's an interesting factoid from James Von Ehr II, "TI was worried about the theme music, thinking I swiped it from someone (guess it seemed too good for a programmer nerd). I actually had composed a crude version of it a couple of years earlier on my home-built analog synthesizer, controlled by an Apple II computer running my custom software."

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Easter Egg Alert! Even though James Von Ehr II is credited as being the programmer on Slymoids' title screen, there is still an Easter Egg hidden in the game. Inside of the castle the initials "JVONEHR" and "GVONEHR" can be found on the frame surrounding the swords hanging on the wall (see the last screen shot above). Obviously, "JVONEHR" stands for programmer James Von Ehr II, however, "GVONEHR" is a little trickier to figure out unless you know a little bit about the guy...It stands for his wife Gayla. She helped provide some design suggestions for the game, and in return he included her initials on the sword frame.


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