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Watch out! That ship's depleating the Warp Drive!

Klingon's are attacking Captain!

   MANUFACTURER:  SEGA  (Distributed by Texas Instruments)


...RELEASED:  3Q/1983





Red Speaker "Entering Sector 1.6, Avoid Mines Captain"

Purple Speaker "Welcome Aboard Captain"

*Sound Clips Submitted by Joachim Wöllner


TOUCAN'S TRIVIA:  The Manual for Star Trek, that was released by Texas Instruments, actually has the picture flipped around. If you look at it, the laser beam being shot at the USS Enterprise is coming from the right hand side of the manual, in all other versions of the game it comes from the left (such as in the Atari 5200 version). If one looks more closely at the manual, you will be able to see that it is not just the laser coming from the opposite side, but the entire picture that is flipped around! As to why this happened, I don't know. Maybe TI thought the picture looked better this way? It is interesting to note that the TI-99/4A 2Q/1983 3rd Party Sega version of this game has a manual with the picture in the correct position, so it was obviously something TI altered for their release of the game which came out a few months later.

TOUCAN'S TRIVIA: Secret Code Alert!  If you press the buttons "* # *" (in that sequence) on the title screen, it will take you to a cheat mode where you will have an infinite amount of Shield Power, Photons, and Warp Drive. One drawback, however, is that all the enemies will be shooting and flying at top speed from the beginning of the game. This shouldn't be too much of a problem though, since you cannot be killed or run out of ammunition!


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